Hows life going for you?


Feeling anxious? Worn out? Are you confidently making choices or does it seem life has become repetitive habits and old routines? What do you do when your life or relationships get stale and lose perspective?

It helps to renew your life by connecting with your SENSES.

You use your sense of sight, intuition, smell, taste, touch and hearing every day, but perhaps you weren’t aware they could be your most powerful support system for life.

Your senses offer profound insight and a UNIQUE LIFE CODE that you cannot get from an intellectual approach or an emotional connection.

Life Code Matrix is a program that will bring renewal to who you are. It will clarify your perspective of life. And, it will add a new dynamic to your relationships. It’s different, it’s fun and it makes a lot of sense. A positive identity is the most valuable possession you can have. It means you like your self, what you do and how you live.

Motivation, wellness and passion, all come from the senses. So how do you tap into your identity, your personal strength, and make the most of it? Through knowing what your personal code is!

Knowing and connecting to your code gives you the strength to be true.

Our senses are not just utilities. However, if we don’t know how to connect to them they reside within us like an unused muscle. Think of a tribal hunter and how much he must make use of his senses and know himself in order to stay alive.

You are as unique in your senses as you are in your iris and fingerprints. You have a combination of strengths and qualities, and a unique personal life code that identifies you as different from anyone else. The challenge is to be true to yourself, in a world trying to persuade you to be like everyone else!

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“When you have the courage to shape your life from the essence of who you are , you ignite, becoming truly alive…this requires letting go of everything that is inauthentic. But how can you even know the truth unless you slow down, in your own quiet company?”
-Dawna Markova

It takes only 5 or 6 hours to make this amazing discovery, and as one participant Dianne McColl, Lawyer said:

“I can now rely on the code when ever required to remind me who I am, what I want from life and where I am going”.