10 people talk about their Life Code Matrix experience.

These are exerts from conversations taken from the research participants feedback:

“crystallized aspects of my life that I need to work on . Given me more self-awareness. Helped me to become aware of what makes me tick, what motivates me … gives me the confidence that my contribution is real and valid and significant…given me the confidence to do some difficult stuff. I’ve got a greater sense of direction and purpose so it helps me to be more effective in what I do ..extremely effective and helpful, very time efficient, in terms of what I’ve learnt, in terms of the support that it’s given, in terms of helping me define what’s important to me, what makes me tick, it is very, very effective And very natural, very, very natural, very effective.” Mark

“it makes you feel special. It makes you feel unique. It makes you feel yes this is my stamp. This is me. Nobody else has got this. It’s given me a stronger sense of myself ….just being comfortable being me rather than measuring myself against other’s achievements” Michelle

“it’s also made me aware of my strengths and increased my sense of self-worth…given me tools to identify what I need to increase my sense of well-being….it’s also given me tools to connect, connect with what makes me happy. And be able to have a more whole experience of what makes me happy …since completing the process I’ve kind of found it easier to decide what path I want to go down. And it just seems to be falling into place.I do feel a much greater sense of satisfaction with my job and I feel like I’m using all the skills I have to help people” Lizzie

“I’m not flying blind, I have a better understanding now of how I’m made up really been a major help in terms of clarification. it’s a fantastic ‘gauge’ I look through the life code pair of sunglasses. A clarification perspective and it’s very good for kind of like a framework to look at things through” Nathan

“I feel more confident and I can be myself…I’m wanting more to do things that I probably wouldn’t have done before. Just because I know that I can” Adrianna

“having had that mirror put in front of me and being very very happy with what I’ve seen…..I look at things a bit differently and a bit more creatively and a bit more just out of the box. I believe that males especially males who work in very technical worlds, could benefit a lot from this process to get them to think more organically and use their senses, not necessarily just that linear way of being ….it was a good process. It was a safe process. I think it’s a very valuable process..” Agnes

“LCM is my jig-saw put together so I can see a picture….. at work I don’t have to be someone else” Julie

“Definitely more of an appreciation for the people I work with and more of an appreciation of what I have at the moment because I’m more in the present and more connected” Susan

“recognizing and acknowledging what I’m doing whereas before I’d just say I haven’t done anything….I’ve become much more structured” Margaret

“Encouraged me and confirmed in me that this is what I’m meant to be doing.” Peter

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