It worked for me!

Renewal through your senses works!

More than a thousand people from at least 20 different cultures have experienced the renewal of their senses through Life Code Matrix with consistently great results. Renewal through Life Code Matrix has been facilitated in USA, UK, Cyprus, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

”I now have an awareness of the unique treasures deeply coded within me. It’s like opening up a treasure box, receiving an amazing gift that in turn is gifted to others as I flow and live in my metaphor – utopia! ” Allyson, Practice Manager

“I express myself more confidently, I am not afraid to be who I am, I have discovered what I am passionate about and am so grateful for making this choice to discover myself.” Lyn, Graphic Designer

“I am now able to make much better choices…it has opened up a whole new world”  Tina, Counselor

“I am able to start loving myself without worrying about other peoples negative opinions.” Amy, Personal Trainer

“It was a fun experience that was worth stretching to do, it gave me new insight.” Keren, Personal Assistant

Aged 14 to 85, the renewal is consistent and reflected in the positive results observed in the independent research.

Research and results:

A group of 15 people were carefully chosen to participate in the 6 month independent research project conducted on Life Code Matrix by Dr Kathryn Owler. She wanted to find out what the shifts were in their well being across 12 areas of their life from doing the process, and in particular she was interested in the changes it made in their work situations. The results were spectacular! Find out what she has to say on the video interview or download the research executive summary above.

Dr Kathryn Owler BA, MA (hons), PhD (UNSW), Perf. Cert. (Trinity)

Dr Kathryn Owler has  completed three degrees including a B.A. in Sociology and Music, an M.A. in Sociology at the University of Auckland; and a PhD in Sociology at the University of New South Wales Sydney. She is a founding director of Joyworkz. She works as a Joyworkz facilitator training in workplaces. She is also a freelance writer and an Associate Researcher at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), completing research on ‘fun at work’.

Key findings of her Life Code Matrix (LCM) research were:

80% believed LCM had a positive impact on work.

87% believed LCM would continue to be useful to them in the future.

93% experienced an improvement in wellbeing.

93% said they would recommend it to others.

All participants enjoyed the LCM experience.

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