Identity programs

So many demands on your energy and time, leaving you with very little time for yourself and never enough for your loved ones. Then you hit the inevitable brick wall. Just like clicking the refresh button on a computer, sometimes you too need to take time out to renew or rewire your orientation, perspective, and connection to the world around you.

This is easy, fun and insightful and doesn’t take too long. Many other people have also experienced it and everyone loves how it brings an immediate positive shift! A positive identity is your most valuable personal possession.

You can make it a weekend event or spread it over 4 coaching sessions it’s entirely up to your timing and schedule.

There are 3 programs to choose from. They all reveal what your life code is.

  • An individual program   
  • A partnership program for 2 people
  • A daylong group program for 6-10 people

1. Renew Your Self – a program for individuals 


It is not emotions based, painful or self-deprecating. Participants report that they thoroughly enjoy the process and leave feeling wonderfully positive about themselves and their life.


Participants experience an immediate strengthening and impact on their effectiveness and productivity, in their work and home life.


Ongoing mentoring or coaching is appreciated but it is not essential or required to achieve the full benefit.


Unlike other programs that fit people into specific categories and type, this renewal expands on the individual uniqueness of each person and deepens their personal power and therefore personal responsibility for all aspects of their lives.


There is no effort involved in being ourselves; in being authentically who we are. It is more about recognition and ownership and the relief of letting go of other people’s expectations. This is the experience of being renewed in your identity.


When you know who you are you are motivated to make the best choices for yourself. Whether at home or work; in all areas of life you will know how to connect to the best of who you are and be successful.

 2  Renew Your Relationship:   A Program for two people, couples, partners

Held over 1 and 1/2 days, this program is for  couples – partners, or husband and wife – those who prefer to renew their life together. 

You will receive new insight about each other to ‘connect up the dots’ and open doors into a valuable perception of your relationship that is positive, fun, strong, renewing and healthy.

About to get married or wondering if this is the right time?

Start off your life together with a stable foundation. Build a positive fame work to last a lifetime.

Two people working together?

If you need to bring illumination, clarity, direction, insight and harmony into a business relationship Renew Your Relationship is the program for you. The understanding you have of yourself is combined with what you learn about each other and the sum is much greater than the two separate halves. You will be delighted with the inspirational visual outcome and you will both have an ongoing reference point to connect back to for any future conflict. The outcome is a more positive understanding of each other, less stress day by day as you work together, better communication, and a much clearer understanding of who you are building a business with.

3.  Renew your group or team or family
Team building? Leadership development? Get a group of 6-10 people together and discover who you are through your senses as a group. This is a fast, fun, fantastic way to get to know yourself as well as each other. It will also make the experience more affordable as the cost is shared. How long does it take? From 10am to 4pm with an hour break for lunch.


Training and Accreditation

Life Code Matrix is a unique discovery process. It renews perspective, clarifies identity and enables people to live with a greater sense of authenticity.

Accredited Matrix Navigators are located in Christchurch, Wellington, Taupo, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Los Angeles, Nashville, UK, Cyprus, and Perth.

Contact to connect with an accredited Life Code Matrix Navigator in your area.

To discuss the training, and offering this unique life renewing program to other people – contact

Becoming accredited gives you the qualifications and licence to facilitate a step by step six hour program that achieves proven results backed by independent published research.

Training is a five day workshop. An ongoing supervision and assessment structure leads to accreditation and certification.

All prospective candidates must have completed a Life Code Matrix renew program themselves, prior to doing the training.

Relevant professional materials are part and parcel of the program including the Life Code Matrix book as seen on our website photos.

High quality unique materials are used during the process and full training given on how to use them.

The framework for the program itself is captivating, unique, and enjoyable to learn.

“I have attended many workshops and training days/week ends. The LCM training that I did was one of the most well thought out and organised I have ever attended.”

“I found the process itself enormously valuable and the training was clear and comprehensive.  The clear explanation, easy to follow notes, and experiential teaching style left me feeling confident to work with others in the Life Code Matrix process.”

“I would recommend the training for any professional working with clients who need a boost to their self-esteem, and people who need to sort out their relationships or work situation because they have become stuck in a negative framework.”

These statements are from 3 people who attended Life Code Matrix Navigator training.  They reflect the quality and enjoyment of the learning process!


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